Black History Trivia Project (Research Stage)

Black History Trivia Project (Research Stage)

So now that I have decided to create an app the first stage of development is research. First thing I need to do is determine what apps are out there that would be my competition.

My first step is to point my phone to the android market or my desktop web browser to
http:// I will use the search term “Black History Trivia”. An initial search yields nothing of note so that looks promising from a competitive stand point. Since this is the research stage, we have to look a little harder to be sure.

My next search terms are “African American History Trivia” which yields the same results as the first search. Just to make sure I cover all bases I use the search term “History Trivia” which returns an abundance of applications, from history, Christmas, and hockey.

My results thus far is that the app I am creating will be a great niche market, which I have to make sure I set a good standard. Now had I found an app identical to what I was trying to do I would review it paying close attention to the comments listed. I would read both positive and negative comments. The goal is to improve upon the competition strengths and remove their weakness.

Obviously this is really simplified you should really spend some time searching out an application similar to the one you wish to create. If you were to see an abundance of application similar to the one you wish to create, I would then take a pause and reevaluate my app. You have to ask yourself the question is my app needed. Do I bring anything new to the table? Is it worth the resources I will put into it?

Up Next:

After you complete the research stage and you still plan to move forward with the application we move into the brainstorm stage.

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